Art Song Project


Art songs are poetry set to music. They come from different eras, countries and languages, and comprise a world of song. The Art Song Project is an ongoing exploration of this world: singers hunt for, prepare and then perform their songs for the group. It’s like a book club for singers. Guest audience members are welcome at our casual performances. 

Our search will begin in September as we look for songs by composers who hail from the British Isles. Songs on the December program will mention a time of day. In March we will find songs by composers who are better known for opera. In April, we’ll choose whatever we like. 

Singers are welcome to come and sing any art song they enjoy. Themes for each program are only a suggestion. Memorization is not required. If help is needed finding a song, we have lots of resources to offer.

The Art Song Project is also a place to practice performing a solo that will be presented elsewhere.

Those who wish to sing will meet with our collaborative pianist on the first scheduled Tuesday, and perform their pieces for the membership on the following Tuesday.

All meetings are at 7pm. Programs will be at Emerson House, 420 North Main Street.

Membership for the season is $40. (The funds go to provide for our pianist.)

Register online HERE.

Here is our schedule for 2019-2020:

Sept. 10 – Rehearsal
Sept. 17 – Composers of the British Isles

Dec. 3 – Rehearsal
Dec. 10 – Time of Day

Mar. 24 – Rehearsal
Mar. 31 – Art Songs by opera composers *Cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns*

Apr. 21 – Rehearsal
Apr. 28 – Pot-pourri or singer’s choice

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