Art Song Project


This group explores the world of art songs – sung poetry. Expand your repertoire and develop your performance skills while considering text, history, and culture. Grow as a musician by broadening your own musical horizons, listening to others, and performing for an appreciative audience.

Those who wish to sing will meet with our collaborative pianist, Valerie Blair, on the first scheduled Tuesday, and perform their pieces for the membership on the second Tuesday. Themes for each program are only a suggestion. Singers are welcome to come and sing any art songs they enjoy.

All meetings are at 7pm. Programs will be at Emerson House, 420 North Main Street.

Membership for the season is $40. Register online here.

Here is our schedule:

Oct. 10 Rehearsal

Oct. 24 Work and Play

Nov. 7 Rehearsal

Nov. 14 Sacred Songs and Spirituals

Mar. 13 Rehearsal

Mar. 20 Seasons

May 8 Rehearsal

May 25 American Songs

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