Young Musicians Series

Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center’s Young Musicians Series recitals provide an opportunity for area young musicians to shine! In preparation for recitals, students develop memorization skills, poise, and self-discipline, while becoming familiar with great music and musicians. The young musicians are motivated to practice as they look forward to performing for family members and the community.

2018-2019 Young Musicians Series Program

Saturday, November 17, 2018, 2:00-3:00 P.M.

Saturday, March 9, 2019, 2:00-3:00 P.M.

The Young Musicians Series recitals are open to all students ages 8-18. Students are welcome to register as solo performers or in small ensembles, and they should choose performance pieces between 3 and 8 minutes long. All participants are required to have a teacher recommendation (from either a private lesson teacher or school music teacher). A simple recommendation form will be sent to the teacher at the email address provided by the student. There is no registration fee, and selection is on first-come first-serve basis. Students who are performing in the recital will be notified by March 3rd with an email message containing day-of-recital details.

Click HERE to register. Registration is open from January 21st – March 1st. Please direct any questions to Jacques Saint-Cyr at .

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